Yamuna® Body Rolling is a fitness modality that is rapidly gaining respect amongst  massage therapists, yoga teachers, pilates and fitness instructors  and medical professionals.  Developed out of an earlier system called Body Logic, YBR is a fun and easy way to relieve body discomfort in the short term and to make permanent beneficial changes to the body in the long term.   It is a combination of deep tissue massage with building strength and fitness.

How does it work?

The system uses inflatable balls ranging in size from 3 to 10 inches, and half balls for foot and hand work. The student can customize the hardness of the ball so that the intensity of the routine suites their body.  Using body weight, the student learns how to roll specific muscle groups and joints over the ball and in doing so addresses many different layers of body tissue –

  • stimulates bone – improving bone strength, density and improving brittleness
  • provides traction and deep tissue massage  soft tissue (muscle, fasciae, tendons)
  • creates space in joints thereby increasing range of motion and decreasing joint discomfort
  • improves circulation of soft tissue which will flush out toxins as long as the student drinks plenty of water!
  • stimulates the nerve routes exiting the spine which can improve  function of sluggish organs and can increase metabolic rate

Athletes can use the system to prevent injury and YBR is safe for many special conditions, including herniated discs, diabetes and scoliosis.  YBR can provide relief and toning for prenatal and postpartum women.

There are a number of practices available that involve rolling over balls or rollers – however Yamuna Body Rolling®  routines are are not random rolling movements.   They are very precise as to direction of movement,  origin and attachment points of muscle to bone and physical structure and relationship to other body structures.

Sharing many of the alignment principles of yoga, Yamuna® Body Rolling make an effective and compatible companion to the practice of hatha yoga.