To Register

Advance Registration is Required.

Registration checks are due 1 week prior to the start date of the series. Any checks received later than the first class of the series will be assessed an additional $5 surcharge.

For pricing see Fees below.

Class size is limited to 12 students on a first-come first-served basis. Priority is given to continuing students who are already in the class. Once registered you have a reserved place in that class for the duration of the series.

Students new to the studio are encouraged to book a trial class first before making a commitment to do the series. See Trial  and Drop-in Classes below.


Registration is NON REFUNDABLE once the first class of the series has run unless we can fill your place with another student.

For a real medical or other emergency requiring you to withdraw from a series you must notify the studio within a week to be considered for exemption from the non-refundable rule.

To Register for a series:

1. Contact the studio to check space availability in the class you wish to join.
2. Mail your check to:

65 Conklin Ave., Hillsdale, NJ 07642

3.  Continuing students can bring their check to the final class of the old series.
4. Your registration is confirmed by email upon receipt of your check.

 For planned vacation or business travel, submit these dates  prior to registration to be considered for pro-rated payments.

Trial and Drop-In Classes:

To avoid disappointment, call the studio 24 hrs in advance to book a space.  Do a trial class to see if you want to join the series.


Trial Class $18
Drop-In $20.

 Class Packages:

# Classes                                 Rate

$102.00       $17/class                     Below 6 classes, drop in rate of $20/ class applies.
$144.00       $16/class 1 series    –   can be pro-rated to 7 classes at this rate.
$252.00       $14/class 2 series    –   can be pro-rated to 16 classes at this rate.
$351.00       $13/class 3 series,   –   can be pro-rated to 24 classes at this rate.


Make-up Class Policy:

In each series your student payment excludes 1 date which is left open. This means that if the student misses only one class they complete all classes paid for. If the student misses more that one class this extra date is used to catch up one of the missed classes. The student is responsible for scheduling additional make-ups by selecting another yoga class from the schedule and contacting the studio to reserve space.

To be Eligible for a Make-Up Class:
As classes are often full, you must notify the studio you will be missing your usual class with at least 24 hrs notice. This provides sufficient time to notify students wait-listed for a trial, drop-in or make-up class.  If you do not notify the studio in time you may lose the opportunity to make-up your missed class.

To Schedule a Make-up:
Call or email the studio with at least 24 hrs notice with the date/time of the class you would like to attend. You will receive an email that either confirms there is space or suggests alternatives if that class is already full.

At this time there is no expiration for make-up classes. However you must be currently registered in a series in order to do make-ups. Make-ups do not qualify you to pro-rate the next registration.

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