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All adult classes are open for teens, men and women of all ages. Students are assisted in finding the most appropriate class for their skill level.   ALL YOGA CLASSES ARE TAUGHT IN THE  IYENGAR TRADITION with the exception of the VINYASA class.

If you have a condition that prevents you from participating in a group class, consider  some private/ semi-private sessions to start off with in either yoga or Yamuna® Body Rolling.

Class Preparation


Beginner Yoga

Provides a solid introduction to the classic yoga asanas (physical postures), breath work and relaxation. Students learn how to align correctly in each pose, avoid common injuries and how to integrate movement with the breath. This series is suitable for students new to yoga, or those returning after a long absence.

Multi-Level Yoga

A mixed class suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate level students. Poses are taught with variations that allow the student to select their level of challenge.   The pace and difficulty of the class is more challenging than the regular beginner class and students must have greater strength and flexibility at this level.   Pranayama (yogic breathing) is included.

Slow Stretch/ Restorative Yoga

This is a class of  deep yoga stretches and restorative yoga poses that are excellent for stress reduction.  Restorative yoga focuses on both physical and mental relaxation.  Stretching address the tight areas causing discomfort – particularly the shoulders, neck back and legs.   Restorative poses calm the central nervous system and quieten the overactive mind.   Students leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Level I:  for beginners and students who do not attend a weekly yoga class.
Level II:  for students familiar with inversions and attending a weekly class or doing consistent home practice.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga keeps the expectant mother toned and relaxed and teaches her how to  “tune in” to her body and her breath.  Only yoga poses that are appropriate for pregnancy are taught and the class is safe for any students whose pregnancy is progressing normally.  The class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy up to delivery.  Focus is on   developing and maintaining flexibility and strength which can provide relief for many  discomforts normally associated with pregnancy.   Prior  yoga experience is not required.  Students with high risk pregnancies should call first to discuss their situation as a group class may not be appropriate for them.

Postnatal Yoga

Suitable for mothers who have delivered anywhere within the prior 6 weeks up to 2 years.   The tremendous hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy and post delivery can take up to a year to settle down and for the mother’s  body to adjust back to normal.  This class focuses on rebuilding the strength and elasticity of abdominal muscles and pelvic floor without strain or aggravating existing weakness and vulnerabilities.

Yamuna® Body Rolling

A wonderful system that combines the benefits of deep tissue massage with building strength and fitness. Using specially designed inflatable balls students are guided through precise routines – each one targeting specific muscle groups, joints or bones. Resulting benefits include improving circulation, detoxifying body tissue, opening up chronically tight areas and increasing range of motion within joints. Developed by body worker Yamuna Zake, the system is based on yogic principles and highly complimentary to the practice of yoga. For more detailed information click on the menu option.

Vinyasa (Flow Yoga- not Iyengar)

This class combines the teaching of alignment based yoga asanas (poses) with more vigorous yoga flows (vinyasa).  A yoga flow, or vinyasa, is where students flow from one pose to the next – the challenge is to maintain the integrity of each pose.  Suitable for high energy students who like to keep moving.  If you have a diagnosed back condition or other ailment please contact the studio first to see if this class is suitable for you.

Introduction to Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is an ancient practice, yet has relevance in helping to soothe the stresses of modern life. In this 4 class series we will explore foundational meditation techniques drawn from a variety of traditions, which will include working with the breath, using sounds and mantras, images and visualizations, mindfullness and “natural ” meditations. These techniques teach us how to quiet the mind and gently connect with inner awareness during daily activities, creating spaciousness. It brings us to a more centered and harmonious way of being. Taught by Susan Wilson E-RYT, a highly skilled yoga and meditation instructor with over 25 years teaching experience.

Class Preparation

1. Do not eat for 2 hours before a yoga class. (Prenatal Yoga is an exception.)   If the yoga class time is at a meal time, take a light protein snack 4 -3 hrs BEFORE the class to maintain energy levels. A very light snack with fluids is fine before a morning class.

2. Clothing:

For yoga classes wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement. In cooler weather bring socks and a long sleeved top to pull on during relaxation when the body cools down.

For YAMUNA® BODY ROLLING  wear form fitting clothing as loose T-shirts and pants will bunch up under the ball.

3. Bring water to drink

4.  Students attending classes at Temple Beth Sholom need to bring a pair of clean socks for some poses.

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