Individualist Yoga is saying good-bye to the State of  New Jersey,  
 which is why you will not see an updated schedule of classes.

To all current and past students – Thank you! It has been a pleasure
teaching all of you and keep in touch.  I expect to be making fairly
frequent visits back to NJ.

If you would like information on recommended classes/teachers/
studios in the area please feel free to contact me. 


Individualist Yoga offers classical hatha yoga classes taught in the Iyengar tradition. We are located in Park Ridge, New Jersey in northern Bergen County.


All classes are limited in  size  to ensure students get individual attention.  We offer both yoga classes and Yamuna® Body Rolling classes in a friendly and non-competitive environment.   The studio is equipped with yoga props and Yamuna Body Rolling balls and foot wakers. Students  bring their own mats.

Yamuna® Body Rolling is a unique fitness and wellness system that addresses the whole body.  Developed by yoga teacher Yamuna® Zake in NYC, YBR addresses tight joints and muscles and uses the principles of hatha yoga and pranayama (yoga breathing).

Please review our schedule, choose a class and Yamuna® Body Rolling pages for details.

Why do Yoga?

There are many health benefits to be gained by the consistent practice of yoga. As well as improving balance, strength and flexibility, students learn how to relax!

Stretching tight legs muscles and improving posture can provide relief for lower back pain and improve the health of the spine. Learning how to bend correctly and strengthening the support muscles of the abdomen  reduce the risk of back strain.  We provide private classes for students with scoliosis to educate them about the condition and show how yoga can be used as a tool to manage and in some cases improve the curve pattern.

Prenatal yoga helps prepare an expectant mother for delivery and strengthens her body for the demands of labor and delivery, nursing, lifting and carrying. Gentle stretching and yoga alignment can greatly assist in making pregnancy more comfortable.

Postnatal yoga addresses the mother’s body’s post natural delivery or C-section.   Postnatal yoga group classes can begin 3 – 6 months after a normal delivery ( varies by individual).  After a C-Section wait about 6 months until the wound has fully healed.

If you do not find what you are looking for on the regular schedule, check out the workshop listing or contact us for information.


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